Addition & Subtraction Pack

Addition & Subtraction

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Addition & Subtraction

Our addition and subtraction grids are hands-on, manipulative sheets for the classroom. Created with quality ad learning in mind, these grids are perfect for helping children learn the addition and subtraction skills that they need. These grids are perfect for use in schools, and are easy to read. The orange numbers that run across the top of the grid and down the left hand side act as the addends in addition. These addition grids are completely manipulative, so that children can simply fold the grid in order to find the answers in a way that is clear and easy to read.

For subtraction, the grids work in the same way, and are a helpful, manipulative tool for teaching children subtraction skills. Suitable for use in schools or at home, the subtraction grids are brightly coloured and easy to use. In this case, the children can just consider the orange numbers as the subtrahends and differences!

To add 4 & 6

a) Look along the top row and find the 4.
b) Fold the table from the top to bottom, vertically, back under the numbers 1 – 4.
c) Keep the table folded and look down the left hand column for the number 6.
d) Fold the table up, horizontally, under this row.
e) In the right hand corner find the answer 10