Fraction/Percentage/Decimal Grid

Fraction, Percentage & Decimal

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Fraction, Percentage & Decimal

The Fraction, Decimal and Percentage grid manipulative shows the relationship between fractions and percentages on the front face with the equivalent decimal values on the reverse.

Fractions can be difficult for children to learn, and it is necessary to have useful materials to speed up and enhance the learning process. Flexitable’s manipulative fraction grids can help children grasp the most complex of fractions in a fun and rewarding way. Using fractions manipulatives such as these can help children to learn skills in an engaging way,

Flexitable’s Decimal grids work in much the same way, offering a way to teach children a better understanding of decimals and how to use them. Our decimal manipulatives are easy to use, and competitively priced – check out our suppliers list to see where you can find them now.

Percentages are equally easy to learn with our percentage grids, and offer simple methods to learn percentages of various numbers. Children can manipulate the grid, discovering that a quarter is 25%, a half is 50%, and so on. At competitive prices, and available throughout the UK, these revolutionary fraction, decimal and percentage grids are exceptional learning resources, and are a must for your school!