Midi Sand Timers (13 cm High) Pack of 4

£16.99 inc VAT

Size: 130 x 40 mm.

Set of 4 time Lenghts

Ideal for challenges, games, concentration, behaviour management, time out etc. Sand timers add fun to many games by setting time limits, and can help children overcome distraction in simple tasks: “You have a minute to get your books out/ write your name/etc.”, or “You have five minutes to finish that task…”

Why the “Midi” size?

There are smaller, cheaper sand timers on the market which claim to show 5 or 10 minutes duration. However the aperture in these small timers has to be so tiny for the sand to take five or ten minutes to pass through, that the sand often gets stuck and the timer stops. Our midi timers were originally designed specially for Crossbow to create a reliable 5 minute timer for classroom activities, but the size has been so popular that we now stock them for the shorter times as well.

We test our timers individually to ensure that the sand flows freely. Our midi range of sand timers are high-quality, UK manufactured products. Sand timers are not accurate instruments of measurement: all durations shown are approximate.  However if your timer exceeds a 10% tolerance either way and you would like a replacement, please contact us within 14 days and we would be happy to do so.

  • 1 minute = black
  • 2 minutes = blue
  • 3 minutes = red
  • 5 minutes = orange