Number Grid Packs

Number Grid

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The 100 number square grid is an essential addition to any teaching resource collection, as it enables children to easily see odd and even numbers and is useful for learning basic maths. Our 100 number grids have been long requested by teachers, as they offer a fun, manipulative way to learn maths skills in an engaging way. We use the highest quality materials to create our number grids, and they are created to be long-lasting, durable, and easy to use. You can order from one of our dedicated suppliers, or place your order with us direct.

Based on the Flexitable format the 100 Square Grid is printed with the same lead free inks on PVC to give you a pliable table that is easy for students to manipulate. The columns of odd figures are printed in green whilst the even numbers are printed in blue to help children gain familiarity with the numbers 1-100 and to discover basic number patterns.